Bringing together the distinct flavours of regions in Asia, Europe, the Americas, and beyond, the Rise Eatery is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of culinary ingenuity. Founded by husband-and-wife team Dan Leung and Wanda Lai, we are a meeting point and destination for friends, strangers, and neighbours who come to catch up over cocktails, unwind after work, or toast to milestones big and small—always with a bevy of shared plates on hand.


Guests reap the rewards of executive chef Dan’s limitless imagination and 10-plus years of cooking experience, thanks to a selection of seasonally inspired dishes that both reflects and celebrates the ethnic diversity of Vancouver. We’re one of the few—if not only—places in town where Germany greets South Korea, China meets Peru, and Scotland welcomes Vietnam with open arms on a plate. Crafted with fresh, locally sourced ingredients and prepared in a way that’s meant to be savoured amongst friends, our menu encourages an exploration of global tastes, techniques, and cultures.

Dining experiences in our modern, light-filled room are fun without falling lax, sophisticated without feeling stuffy. Having worked alongside chef Dan operating the pair’s catering business, Danz Gourmet, for the past 14 years, Wanda brings a comforting energy to the space that translates effortlessly from the kitchen to the front of house. Whether you’re a familiar face looking for a satisfying lunch or a first-time visitor cheersing to a family member’s birthday, at the Rise Eatery, you are treated with the utmost attention to care.

The name “Rise”, then, represents two things: it’s a nod to the sloping South Granville hill that we call home and an opportunity for us—and you—to rise to the occasion. We strive to expand our palates and embrace the thoughtful traditions of our neighbours, and we challenge you to do the same.